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My name is Daissy and I love weddings! Why? Because they are full of raw emotions, dreams, hopes and amazing new life chapters. I get to live these over and over as I document other's love. However, I don't photograph just any wedding, I specialize in fun, authentic and pose-free wedding photojournalism. Therefore, I don't photograph to be published, gain social media followers or even retire early to the Caribbeans. I document those kinds of weddings because they remind me to live life like a celebration every day. 

I'll tell you a little about me but I warn you, I am more interesting in person. So if you like what you see in my portfolio, I recommend giving me a call, emailing me, or better yet, meet in person and talk wedding details. 

A few Facts about me:

  • I am a Mami to two "out of this world boys". Seriously, they are a little "out there"! 
  • I've been a "Bride" x 20 (that's years! not times) to the only man who can make me madly in love and asylum mad at the same time.
  • I am a lover of all things chocolate x 39

When I am not photographing lovely people or sipping my Dulce de Leche Coffee, you can find me with the hubby binge watching episodes I've had no chance to catch up during busy season. I watch, he falls asleep, often. 

You may also find me hiking with my boys, attempting to master painting or practicing my funny quotes (which may or may not salvage your tense family wedding formals on the day of). 

As you view my work, I hope you can feel the laughter that unite my couples, the real look of love they shared or the kiss that was perfected way before I arrived to photograph it. I hope you enjoy their new journey just as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

These are pure happiness I want to share with you.

I like simple websites so you'll see my portfolio in one page. Click on the image to make it full view or view it as a slideshow. For my latest work, please visit my blog.  

I'd love to talk to you and see what vision you have for your wedding, maybe we are a match made in wedding photography bliss. 

Make sure to Rock your wedding planning!



Thank you for stopping by. 

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Daissy specializes in full of laughter and moment-driven weddings. Serving Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Norfolk, Virginia, you can find her laughing and joking with her couples while committed to a story telling approach. One unposed and uninterrupted so her couples can enjoy their day and remember it fondly for a lifetime. 

Daissy Torres Photography